Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elimination Diet

So here's the deal. Before I became pregnant, products containing wheat create a great deal of intestinal distress for me. I eliminated gluten. My tummy felt better. While I was pregnant, I ate gluten. No tummy aches. I thought I was cured. Now, four months postpartum, I am having the same problems as before with gluten. Additionally, I think my dear, sweet bebe is reacting to dairy. This proposed elimination diet has to be done on a very strict budget without crazy specialty items from Whole Foods. So my questions to you, dear blog readers, are these:

Do you have experience with eliminating dairy and/or gluten from your diet?
Do you have recipes that help make this possible while maintaining adequate protein?
Is goat milk considered dairy when talking about a reaction to dairy?
Do you have any other words of advice/wisdom for this mama?

Thanks for playing!


Mary Mary said...

awww poor bebe and seester! Liv and I drink soy milk...expensive though.

Melody said...

I get email recipes once a week from the magazine "Living Without".... I will start to forward you my recipes. The magazine is really nice because it is for gluten and milk allergies. Another good source of protein is edaname(and it is yummy)!

Kristina said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I'm trying to eat soy in moderation since it messes with hormones.

Melody said...

For protien try eating Greek Yogurt. Depending on the brand you can get anywhere from 13-20g of protein from just one serving!

Kristina said...

I love greek yogurt, but the only kind I have found is made from cow's milk.