Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rubber Gloves - Check!

So up to this point, cloth diapering the little bug has been a breeze - just as easy as disposable diapers and oh, so much cuter, not to mention affordable, greener, safer, etc. But I've been trying to introduce small amounts of solid foods into her diet because, after all, isn't that what you do when babies turn 6 months old? She loves food! There's no doubt about that. She opens her mouth wide and lunges for the spoon no matter what color food is on it. The kid even ate pureed spinach. Yes, her hippie mama just opens the fridge and looks in for some organic fruit or veggie she can cook, mash, and cram into her kid's mouth!

Today I learned the meaning of the question, "What about all that poop?" As spinach goes in, so it comes out and all over her cutest, softest brand new Fuzzi bunz. So now the question is, "what do I do with all that poop?"I quickly learned the importance of a pair of rubber gloves in the bathroom and I'm considering a second nappy bucket in the bathroom, but foremost, I'm considering the possibility of withholding solid foods until she turns a year old or is potty trained. Okay, maybe not that long, but a year. That's reasonable. And perhaps we could work out an agreement where she lets me know when she's planning on pooping and I can put one of her beater diapers on. You can negotiate with a one-year old, right?

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April said...

beater diapers - i love it!!! too funny, i totally agree with this post.

chunked fruit is our new thing - amelia loves mandarin oranges and let me tell you, those come out looking the same as when it went in.