Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Birthday Alert!

Hello my dear blog followers,

I must admit Undercover Month wore me out a little and I had to take a little break from blogging. I really have a new respect for you guys who put out blog posts every day! How do you do it?

Some things have been running through my brain recently. One big one is the Bug's first birthday. Many of you have reached this milestone already with your little ones. Some of you haven't. It's a first for me since she's my first child. I know people told me and continue to tell me how fast time goes and I shrugged and smiled. But time really does fly! I can't believe that my "tiny child" turns ONE next week! How is that possible? I talked to my attending midwife yesterday on the phone and we marveled at how it both seemed so long ago and just yesterday that The Bug made her appearance in the world.

I'm planning a "party" for her. Of course, it's more for the adults than for LB and a chance for the Hubs to showcase his first home brew! But I'm excited. Stay tuned for really adorable pictures of a newly one year old in her first tutu! In the meantime, any of you have a good recipe for a one year old's first cake? I'm looking for something with natural sugar, fruit, gluten free if possible. I think she would enjoy this based on her new found love for broccoli!

What did you do for your babe's first birthday?

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