Monday, January 3, 2011

My Etsy Christmas

I absolutely love Etsy. I love perusing shops looking at the magnificent talent displayed, not to  mention finding unique and darling gifts for people. I love it even more when I can support incredibly talented friends who showcase their work on Etsy. My friend Jenna, who I've had the pleasure of watching grow from a high school kid into a talented, amazing, graceful, and spiritual young lady, is one such person.

I'm going to share her Etsy bio with you because she describes herself and her work better than I ever could. (Hope you don't mind, Jenna!)

My artwork is influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite movement in that many of my subjects are inspired by myth and legend as well as classical literary works. I also draw inspiration from modern fantasy and illustration in traditional art forms and photo manipulation. Several of my pieces and titles directly come from listening to New Age and Celtic music, such as Enya. My art combines elements of Fantasy art, Surrealism, and Magic Realism to form illustrative fantasy with elements of photorealism. I want the viewer to believe each piece, though imagined and fantastical, the recital of true events.

The creation of all of my artwork flows from the desire to tell a story. Just like an author uses prose and verse to weave an intricate tale, color and composition compel me to create and convey the spirit of a heroine.When painting these feminine figures, I am reminded that all women have an inherent beauty. Each female figure lingers as the subtle source of energy within her environment. The variety of female models in my pieces embrace femininity in all its forms; a woman can be graceful, powerful, unassuming, adventurous, nurturing, legendary, beautiful, or anything that defines femininity for her when she is true to who she is created to be.

My very tasteful and thoughtful husband purchased this headband for me for Christmas.

I've worn it every day since Christmas and I love it. It actually stays on my not-at-all-headband-shaped head. It's so feminine and simple.

I suspected that I was getting a headband because I actually hinted to the Hubs that I wanted one - it was up to him to pick which of Jenna's creations he wanted to see in my hair. What I didn't suspect was that my sister had gotten me one of Jenna's original wearable art necklaces. Jenna is a painter - an utterly amazing and inspired painter. She paints whimsy and elegance and soul. Now, I don't know whether or not she sells these intimate pieces, but you can purchase jewelry made from tiny little art prints of her painting. I received this one from the painting Where Truth Dwells.

I really encourage you to check out Jenna's work. You can find her accessories and jewelry like my garden headband HERE.

She sells her exquisite art HERE.

She also keeps an interesting blog in which you can sometimes catch glimpses of her inspiration and the process behind her art.

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Jenna said...

So lovely- you made my day :)