Friday, December 31, 2010

Little Bug's First Christmas

We decided to spend this Christmas in Peachtree City, GA at my husband's parent's house - AKA the MINIs (it's a long story, but has to do with the recent purchase of a MINI Cooper making them known as MINIdad and MINImom or MINIgrandad and MINIgrams). We also invited my sister and her family and my brother. It was an immensely fun weekend of game playing (Settler's, confusion, Banagrams), pie eating (pecan, pumpkin, apple - and yes, I make my own crusts from scratch. It's not pie with store bought crust), frothing of anything frothable (thanks to my sister's new frother!), wine sampling (courtesy of Will), candlelight service candle lighting, cousin bonding, movie-watching, dog-walking, crazy Christmas light house watching, snow playing, and other merry-making. Rather than bore you with words let me take you on a pictorial tour courtesy of Pictorial One (aka my professional photographer brother, Will).

Discovering presents - on Thursday!

LB successfully removed the bows from most of the presents.

Sister love

cousin love in matching jammies

favorite present - wrapping paper

cousin O's get up got crazier and crazier as the day progressed.

my Anthropologie apron - thanks sister! Now I'm gunning for my own cooking show!

joining in on the tulle fun

First White Christmas in Atlanta in 128 years. Good thing Cousin O brought her boots!

snuggling with babes on a Christmas Day walk

The sweet family - Merry Christmas!

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