Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some more to jump start blogging

{one} if you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
A job/career for the Hubs, success in my business, a 2011 Subaru Forrester

{two} who is your favorite author?
Hmmm, this has changed so much as I've gotten older. I used to be into all things existential and a little bit tortured, now I'm a sucker for whoever wrote "llama, llama red pajamas."

{three} what crowd were you involved in during high school?
The Misfits/music/theatre/latin club people

{four} what is your favorite thing to do when you have time to yourself?
what, what is time to myself. I would really enjoy being able to go to the gym and take a nice, sweaty muscle building aerobic class or a dance class or have a glass of wine (not at the gym).

{five} do you have any hidden talents?
Hidden, nope...all my talents hang out for all to see.

{six} can you fake any accents?
Ha, yes. I went to a Conservatory and we were required to take a class that taught how to do accents. I can't do them well, but I know how.

{seven} have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?
Oh sure. But never the blotter.

{eight} have you ever been arrested?
see above.

{nine} what is your favorite job you’ve had?
hmmm, stage manager for a professional dance/theatre company. Although my current job with the number one nutritional company really meets my people-helping need.

{ten} do you have any scars?
not really. A couple of scraped knees from bike riding scars

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