Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 21 - A photo(s) of my wedding

Oh let me take you on the official tour. I loved my wedding. I planned the entire thing from my laptop while sitting in my graduate classes (shhh...don't tell my professors - Hey I still got all A's!) David and were living in Memphis, TN and we got married in Richmond, VA on December 30, 2006. Yes, our anniversary is right around the corner.

Okay, so you'll just get the photos I can find on the computer right now.

This is our engagement photo that David turned into a classy "Save the Date" postcard. I'm actually wearing my sister's veil. Thanks seester!

This is a good shot of my pretty feathered, beaded vintage-style hat. Oh how I loved that hat. I put it on as a joke in the bridal shop and fell in instant love. It matched the feathers on my dress.

The kiss - self explanatory

Yay, we did it! Walking down the aisle to "L-O-V-E" I danced the whole way.

This is my cake. It was made in First cousin once removed Barbara's kitchen by my bestest friend in WY, Stacey. She flew from Jackson Hole, used 12 lbs of butter, and technical support from Oregon to create this masterpiece.

This was the cake topper. I am VERY ANTI-cake topper until David found this vintage iron topper from France. Can we say PERFECT!

My very dramatic sister toasting - something about world peace.

And leaving the shin dig .


Jenna said...

I also love love love your hat :) It is so you, and it makes your whole look one of my very favs.

Lindsey said...

This is so beautiful!!!