Sunday, December 5, 2010

day 13 - description of what's in my handbag/diaper bag

Well, they are 2 different entities and neither are all that interesting.
My purse:
A lovely card/money case that the Hubs gave me for Christmas 2 years ago - completely empty of money at all times!
Some coupons to Gymboree and Children's Place that will never get used
A reusable Starbucks coffee sleeve
a pen
fabulous lip balm from LuLu's Garden (check it out -
Business cards for my exciting and growing home-based mama business
my phone

The diaper bag:
I love this bag. I took me 3 diaper bags to get it right, but this one is perfect for right now. I hate bulk and carrying too much, so it's small. It has a pouch for dry diapering accoutrements and a PUL side to put the dirties into.
You will find in this:
several cloth diapers
a couple of covers
a baggie of Basic G wipes for sanitizing high chairs/tables/shopping carts -
a baggie of flannel diaper wipes
a spray bottle of water/lavender oil
Sassy + Sassy leash
Sophie the Giraffe (whom we call Vulli, so as not to confuse her with our Sofia)
several pairs of socks
Sometimes a change of clothes (I know this will bite me one day that I don't reliably have a change of clothes for my infant. So when you see my child sans clothes, you'll know why!)

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