Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All About Me... 30 Day Challenge - Failed.

I did so well keeping up with this challenge. Way better than I often stick with anything else, but I just could not get the last 3 days. I thought about it. I had them written in my mind, but I was without a computer while we were in GA for Christmas. It was actually quite nice to have a long break from the screen. We had a wonderful first Christmas with Sofia at my in-laws. One of my brothers, my sister and her husband and my three year old niece joined us and we did Christmas up! Played lots of games - mostly Settlers of Catan intermixed with a little Cities and Knights and Bananagrams! We ate lots of homemade pie and I wore my new Anthropologie apron whilst pretending I had my own cooking show. Twinkle lights glowed. Sofia ate her fair share of wrapping paper and I didn't even worry about it. We lit candles at the candlelight service and watched the first snow in Atlanta in 128 years fall on Christmas day. It was a truly remarkable weekend. So, while I'd like to apologize for missing the last 3 days, I'm really not all that sorry. I am, however, looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging world and connecting with my new (and old) followers!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mary Lou said...

Thank you, sweetie, for this peaceful post filled with delightful memories that make Christmas, well.... Christmas! I'm glad that you were able to be with family and to share the fun of the season with a surprise blanket of snow, to top off the wonder of the day. It was worth the 3-day wait!! Love, hugs, and kisses from your Auntie :)

justcharitysue said...

I love the matching PJ's!