Sunday, December 19, 2010

Under Cover Week with Cloth Diaper Addiction

I am so very excited to be able to be a contributing writer to Cloth Diaper Addiction's Under Cover week.

There is such a learning curve to cloth diapering, especially with fitteds, prefolds, and covers. I'm still very much on this curve, but am so excited and eager to share what I've learned with you guys and hopefully some new folks. I'm also really looking forward to learning new info so I can become a Cloth Diapering NINJA!
So invite your friends and stay tuned to my blog and many others for this fun and informative event coming up in March.

Here is some more information on the event from Cloth Diaper Addiction's blog:
"Under Cover" will take place March 6 through 26. Three full weeks of information to fill your minds with great products, tips, and more.

Week one: Fitteds-We are going to shine the spotlight on fitted diapers. Bring you different styles, looks, and information about fitteds as well as some giveaways.

Week two: Prefolds (and Flats)- We are hoping to teach you the how too's with prefolds. I get asked plenty of times how to use a prefold and hopefully we can answer some questions, show you some great brands and give some away!
Week three: Covers- We are going to share with you some great covers, what we like best as far as features go in a cover and give some away!i>


Katie Adams said...

welcome to the event! Look forward to reading your posts! Make sure to become a follower on my blog as well so you can enter my giveaways as well during the event!

Lindsey said...

Fun fun! I'm looking forward to that one!