Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

1. I have 2 dogs - one is red and one is brown
2. I would rather live in the snowy mountains than just about anywhere else in the world.
3. I know enough French to get by in a French speaking country if I don't open my mouth too much.
4. I have been to Europe 5 times.
5. I would love to have my own cooking show.
6. I gave birth to my daughter in a cabin in the woods.
7. People have accused me of being a "dirty hippie." I prefer the term "gorper."
8. I have a gluten sensitivity which makes me crave wheat like crazy. Weird, huh!
9. God has been with me/us every minute even though it doesn't always seem like it.
10. I saw Diana Ross at the Kosher Kroger yesterday.

I encourage you to go take a look at my SIL's 10 facts. They are WAY more interesting than mine. My compositional muse took the day off today.


Day 2 Day Living said...

Dogs are awesome!
I couldn't speak French if my life depended on it...not even hello.
Birthing in a cabin....oh scary! Choice?

justcharitysue said...

I had to google gorper. I saw the definition intended, but this was the alternate definition and it made me laugh!

2. gorper

individual that farts in the bathtub and bites at the bubbles