Friday, February 25, 2011

Project MAHMA

Tune in for an encore presentation of the Best of Project MAHMA originally broadcast November 2011 and hosted by Ginny Trueman (Senior Coordinator, TX).

Sat., February 26 20118:00 a.m. Pacific
9:00 a.m. Mountain
10:00 a.m. Central
11:00 a.m. Eastern

DIAL: 212-990-8000
PIN: 6262#

Ginny is married and lives in Texas with her two "children" (dogs) Mojo and Dory. She has been using Shaklee products for over 26 years and has supported her upline Jude Peskuski (Project MAHMA Founder, Senior Key Coordinator, Texas) in building her business as a friend and coach but swore she would never do Shaklee as a business, until about 5 years ago. "I was resistant to having anything to do with sales," says Ginny. "But after my experience with Shaklee products I couldn't help but tell others. I shared Project MAHMA with a lady who really got excited to build a business and the following week my best friend said she wanted to do Shaklee and so began an incredible journey of growth and development."

Ginny is looking forward to taking her second Shaklee incentive trip this year and taking as many of her downline as possible with her!

Heard on the call with Ginny are:

Rachel Cook (Director, LA) is a married mother of two and holds licenses to practice law in two states. She was introduced to Shaklee by Ginny Trueman before the birth of her first child and fell in love with Shaklee…so much that she shared it with her sister Brigette. When Rachel treated her business like a hobby, she got hobby results, but now she treats it like a business and is a new Director on the FastTRACK!

Teresa Gardner (Distributor, TX) is married and has two sons and two wonderful granddaughters. She currently works in the health care industry as a sales executive. Prior to returning to corporate America, Teresa had her own business for 10 years and misses the power to control her own destiny and income. "I was tired of working for and at the whim of someone else. I wanted an opportunity that was affordable to start where I would be in business for myself but not by myself," says Teresa. "Being a woman I was particularly looking for something that would help women -- in their health, home and family life, not to mention the ability to create a means for a little extra money. All of my research led to Shaklee. And I am thrilled with the opportunity this Company provides."

Brigette Giries (Distributor, TX). Brigette is the mother of a four year old boy and an Administrative Assistant at a small community bank. She was introduced to Shaklee Basic-H® by her sister Rachel and since then has grown to using almost every line of products Shaklee has to offer. "I've experienced the Shaklee Difference™ and am sharing the difference these products have made for me and my family," says Brigette. "I am growing my Shaklee business to provide residual income that will allow me freedom to spend time with my family and to go out of town with my husband and son when the opportunities present themselves!"

Know any parents who are looking for.... Better health? Extra money? All-expense paid trips? Invite them to tune in this Saturday to this inspiring call!

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