Friday, February 11, 2011

Income Opportunity

SATURDAY, February 12, 2011
Join us for a very special Project MAHMA Opportunity call on Saturday, February 12th. Our host is Jeanne McGowen, Master Coordinator from California.

Now celebrating forty years with Shaklee, Jeanne enjoyed a varied career history prior to Shaklee, having done everything from manage a candy store to work in radio, journalism and the health field. At forty, she discovered Shaklee, a career with a real sense of purpose and the rest is history!

Joining Jeanne this week to share a generational perspective on Shaklee are her daughter Carey Vick, who partners with her in her Shaklee business and granddaughter Christina Vick, who works in their Shaklee office supporting the business. Both of Jeanne's daughters have degrees in teaching and granddaughter Christina is a graduate of Santa Clara University and is now pursuing an advanced degree.

Also joining Jeanne this week are:

Dr. Annemaria Ballin (Senior Executive Coordinator, CA). Dr. Ballin is a graduate of the University of Munich, where she earned her PhD and was also a professor of International Culture. Annemaria founded the American Academy of Nutrition, a fully accredited distance learning course; and she is well known throughout the Shaklee Field for her generous assistance and expertise in the field of nutrition. Prior to coming to the United States, she was active in the field of health in India and East Africa. She and her husband Dolf live in California, and have three children and four grandchildren.

Cheri Swanson (Director, CA). Cheri is a Certified Nutrition Consultant whose focus is on improving nutrition for mothers and children beginning with infants and toddlers. Cheri is a passionate advocate for nutrition and has been a full-time Nutrition Consultant for over thirty-five years. She and her husband Gary have a daughter Alyssa, and a son Alex who has joined her in the family business.

Know any parents who are looking for the kind of life Shaklee has to offer? Better health? Extra money? All-expense paid trips? Invite them to tune in this Saturday to this inspiring call!

Sat., February 12, 20118:00 a.m. Pacific
9:00 a.m. Mountain
10:00 a.m. Central
11:00 a.m. Eastern

DIAL: 212-990-8000
PIN: 6262#

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