Sunday, March 6, 2011

Undercover Month Begins Today!

Can you believe it? Today is the first day of Undercover Month hosted by Cloth Diaper Addiction. The goal of this event is to share information with you, the readers, that will hopefully take the intimidation factor out of using some of these "old-er fashioned" methods of diapering, get you started with some ideas for what to try, and maybe even win something new for your stash. Hey, who doesn't love free fluff?!

What can you expect to learn from the participating blogs during this event? Well, here's the schedule:

Week One: "The Fitted" - you will learn about different styles, features, functions, and other misc. tidbits when we spotlight this user-friendly diaper.

Week Two: Prefolds and Flat - expect to learn all kinds of useful info. about these grandmothers of, albeit a little intimidating, the cloth diaper. I'm looking forward to learning new ways to fold these little jewels of diapering origami!

Week Three: Covers - because you HAVE to use a cover with the previously mentioned diapers. You'll learn about different types and brands of covers and their features.

Make sure to check out all of the participating blogs. I know their schedules are AMAZING and they have some great giveaways that will be happening.

Cloth Diaper Addiction


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EmilyC said...

excited about this event! i'm coming from 29 diapers!