Monday, March 7, 2011

"Why" I tried a "fitted."

Many of you may be familiar with the 5 W's of information gathering. I'm going to use that format for the duration of Undercover Month, although you may have to use your imagination in some spots!.

I wanted to kick this Undercover Week spotlighting "fitteds" off with a post on a little bit about my "why" for trying fitteds and the process.

When I decided to participate in this event a few months ago - has it been that long! - I didn't even know what a fitted was. Let's be honest - I wasn't using fitteds, prefolds, or covers. I was using a hybrid system with microfiber cloth that I really was starting to hate. I was searching for another option that worked for us, but didn't cost a fortune. I'd already spent money on our first set of diapers. I would never be able to convince the Hubs that we needed to re-buy our entire stash without a compelling and affordable argument. Incidentally, it's much easier to convince the Hubs that I need to buy new diapers if I say it's for research. I asked around, looked online, perused some of my go-to blogs for cloth, including Cloth Diaper Addiction and discovered that a fitted looked remarkably like an AIO or a pocket from the outside. Well, that means it's got to be easy - at least as far as putting the thing on a wiggly bum. In my research, I also discovered that fitteds are meant to be used WITH A COVER! Just because they resemble their diapering cousins, does not mean that they work the same way. Fortunately, I learned this through research and not through practice.

But it did pose a question. What do I put over a fitted? Well, yes a cover. I figured that out. But did I need a special one? A bigger one? One that closed a particular way? No idea. So onto more research - which meant more diaper purchases! No biggie, since I'd just finished selling off my original diapering choice which just did not work for us at all. I was in the market for new diapers and QUICK! I purchased an assortment of covers and 2 fitteds - all of which will be named later in the reviews.

So that's the beginning of my story. What would it take for you to try something new in CD-ing? What would it be? How would you go about deciding what to try?

Stick with me this week. We'll end with a giveaway!


Boise Wiebers said...

I'm looking forward to following you on your journey this month. I've been waiting for this event for months.

a2editor said...

Just showing you some comment love to let you know I'm lurking on your blog. :)

Happy Under Cover Month!

Laura K. Cowan