Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What? - My First Fitted

So I'm sure you're wondering which Fitted I chose for my first fitted experiment...aren't you? Come on, admit it! I went shopping at Kelly's Closet (love the store!) and found this little number on sale. I noted the reasonably good ratings (I am a review-reader and the reviews play a HUGE part in any purchase I make.) and I added one Kissaluvs Fitted size large to my shopping cart. It didn't hurt that Kelly's Closet offers free shipping with orders over $49 and they frequently have coupons for a free diaper with your purchase. In fact, right now you can get a free OS diaper (guaranteed value of $17+) with a $59 purchase. Have I mentioned how much I love FREE!

My package came in the mail very quickly - thank you Kelly's Closet - and I immediately set to prepping my new Kissaluvs, which, for me, means throwing it in my wetbag and washing it with my diaper load every time I wash diapers for the next few times. (How do you prep diapers? Comment below.) Once I had it ready to go, I slapped that puppy on my Little Bug and commenced Project Undercover - The Fitted.

Here's what I learned:

The Fit of this fitted - The large Kissaluvs fit the Bug reasonably well, especially since she is at the very low end of the weight range for this diaper. I like to buy big so there's plenty of room to grow. The waist has plenty of snaps, including snaps to overlap to get a nice seal. The leg gussets also fit well and did not leave marks on the Bug's chunky thighs. The Kissaluvs sports some extra fluff, probably a result of the diaper having "room to grow," but nothing too ridiculous. I wouldn't use this diaper under a pair of tights or anything!

My model wasn't very willing to show off the snaps, but you can see the legs gussets.

Fluffy bum - and yes, the tag goes on the outside.

The Performance - The first time I used this diaper, we had quite a bit of leaking. In trouble shooting this problem, I decided that several variables contributed to this first "failure." a) I had not adequately prepped the diaper. (Come on, hands up if you've been guilty of the inpatient prepper!) and b) I had not properly lanolized my wool cover. (More on this later.) After prepping the diaper and re-lanolizing the cover, I had much better success with the Kissaluvs Fitted. I still think that it is a little too "roomy" in the pee pee area for my little girl pee-er, so I add a little bit of extra stuffing until she fills out this diaper a little bit better. And for nighttime use, this little number definitely needs additional stuffing.

The Aesthetic - The Kissaluvs Fitted is a very simple diaper. It is a cream color (unbleached) with different colored exterior stitching to denote size. The Large has primary rainbow stitching. The Kissaluvs website describes the fabric as "beautifully textured fabrics to help contain even the runniest poop." I have to say that the textured fabric feels a little rough to the touch. It doesn't seem to bother The Bug though, especially since she gets to wear cashmere longies with it! (More on these later!)

See, she seems rather content although probably wondering why she doesn't have clothes on when it's freezing!

Overall - The Kissluvs fitted has proven a worthy addition to the fluff stash and an easy introduction to the world of Fitteds. It definitely whetted my appetite to try other brands of Fitteds and I would probably buy another one, especially with the good sales and promos out there! Thanks again Kelly's Closet!

Buy it!! - You can buy your own Kissaluvs Fitted diaper from many diaper retailers for about $12.95. 

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