Saturday, March 12, 2011

Final Verdict on "Undercover Fitted"

I must admit, I had a good time exploring the world of fitteds and I was able to add 3 new fitteds to my stash - always a good time. But what do I think about them.

Here's how they fit into our cloth diapering lives:
I love using my fitteds underneath my wool soaker and longies. They are, by far, the easiest. I am in no way a "snappi master" so I have a hard time using prefolds under my wool. (Haha...more on the motor-skilled challenged using a snappi next week!) They are absorbent and I do not have leaking issues with the Thirsties fitted, but I need to add extra stuffing to the Kissaluvs. Fitteds are still not my preference to use with a PUL cover. Perhaps I just do not have the right cover for a bulky fitted, but I just can't get the diaper to fit underneath the cover satisfactorily. I prefer my prefolds when using PUL covers. (More on this later.)

So that's it. That's what I learned. Above all, I've learned that every cloth diapering family has different needs, wants, and expectations of their diapers. So you'll have to try fitteds out for yourself to form your own opinion. Hope you've learned something this week too.

Happy diapering and stay tuned next week for Undercover Prefolds and Flats!

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Boise Wiebers said...

Thanks for fitteds week. Being a prefold user, I look forward to the flats info next week. - Trisha