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Weehugger Diaper Cover Review

The first cover I ever purchased (when the Bug was about 4 months old) was this cute little number from Weehugger

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I was looking for something that I could stuff with my current stash of microfiber that went with a hybrid system that I was beginning to dislike. I chose the Weehugger for a few reasons:
1. The cute factor - naturally!
2. I read good reviews
3. All natural fibers touching baby's skin
4. Made in the USA - Knoxville, TN to be exact!

When I received the Weehugger, I was enamored with the vibrant print which incidentally matches my diaper/wet bag! I nearly instantly put one of my microfibers into it and got it on the Bug's bum. It leaked. I tried it again. It leaked again. Now let me tell you, this was quite early in my cloth diapering days and I was far from a CDing expert. I was sure that the leaking was operator error and not diaper error! After a few more tries and more leaks, I emailed Lisa Versaci, founder of Weehuggers to see what tips she had to offer. Within minutes (seriously - minutes!) she had emailed back with some very good tips one of which being the suggestion that the microfiber was either not enough stuffing or possibly repelling.

We conversed back and forth through a few more emails (did I emphasize enough how delightful and resposive Lisa is!) and finally determined that it was the stuffing option and she recommended that I try something else to stuff. That was the deciding moment for me to try prefolds! I ordered a 6 pack of unbleached Indian prefolds. And, let me tell you - we haven't had a leak in the Weehugger since then. Not only was I a Weehugger convert, but I became a prefold convert!

So what do I like about my Weehugger now that I know a little bit about what I like and don't like in a CD/cover:
* I love the angled snaps. The Bug has chunky thighs and needs that space in the leg. The angle allows for that as well as is  easier to snap in my opinion.

If you look closely, you can see the angle snaps.

* The leg gussets - I'm sure this is what prevents leaking.

Nice for chunky thighs!

* The flaps at the front and back to tuck the diaper in and the fact that it is made from all natural fibers

* The ability to use it over and over without washing
* That it is OS - it will fit the Bug until potty training time. Now that's economical!
* LISA!! - I have become so disenchanted with shotty customer service recently. What a testimony to womankind to have someone so committed to good customer service and superior products.

Here is what  the Weehugger website has to say about their covers:

Our new weehuggers™ diaper covers are simple, reusable and waterproof with true leg gussets and adjustable snaps that allow them to grow with your baby.

This easy to use cover comes in your choice of snap closures or our unique, adorable mitten-shaped hook and loop closures. Both offer an adjustable, secure fit. The all new weehuggers™ covers are available in durable waterproof polyester solids and designer cotton prints in both baby and toddler sizes.

Pair the new covers with our absorbent bamboo inserts, cotton pre-folds, fitteds, or even biodegradable gDiaper inserts for a complete diapering solution.

Our covers feature stay-put bamboo/organic cotton flaps that insure your insert stays in place. The natural fibers gently wick moisture away from your babies' delicate skin. 

We take pride in the fact that everything we sell is sewn with care by our friends and partners in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our bamboo and certified organic cotton fabric is made in the USA and processed using GOTS organic finishing techniques.

Of course cloth diapering is about more than the adorable styles and cost savings. It’s about our planet and our children’s future. Using (and reusing) cloth is a great way to reduce your contribution to landfills and deforestation.

Our choice of bamboo isn’t just because it’s super soft and ultra absorbent. It’s also one of the most sustainable fibers on the planet. Growing at an astonishing foot or more per day, bamboo thrives in virtually any condition without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo fabrics breathe, are naturally antibacterial and non-allergenic.

So that's it! We love our Weehugger. You will love yours too!

Buy One: Weehuggers are available from many fine retailers for about $19. You can find one near you on the Weehugger site.


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Amy said...

Great review! I was just googling weehuggers and your post came up. Thanks so much I am definitely going to look into these!