Monday, March 14, 2011

What to do with a Prefold

I've been using infant prefolds for quite some time as stuffing for my covers. But Kristina from Cloth Diaper Addiction sent me a snappi when I won a diaper during their 12 Days of Clothmas back in December. I heard of the snappi, but I had NO IDEA how such a thing worked.

This is a snappi.

These are its teeth.

I scoured the instructions and quickly learned that it would never work on my tiny little prefolds, so I purchased this unbleached OsoCozy Indian Prefold from Mom's Milk Boutique. (Love their free shipping!)

Premium fits 15-30lbs, 4x8x4
I have tried the following steps on the Little Bug, with success, however; she was not feeling all together cooperative when I was photographing.

Now, I'm not a prefold folding expert by any stretch of the imagination (I'm hoping to learn about folding this week from the other blogs!), so I tried folding it how I remembered my mom folding my younger siblings diapers - Tri-fold

Tri-folded Indian Prefold

I thought folding the front in would be a good move for keeping leaks to a minimum, so I did that.

Front folded down about an 1"

I fanned out the bum area to accommodate the Bug's posterior. 

Then I fold the front part to the back and overlap the "wings" so that they are laying on the front of the diaper.

Isn't it starting to look like a diaper?

Okay here's the tricky part. I have arguably the WORST fine motor skills. So if I can get a snappi on a prefold, you can too! Remember the picture of those snarly snappi teeth? Well, hook one side of the snappi onto the wing of the diaper. I start with the left side. Those teeth will grab the fabric and hold it.

Attach one side of snappi to the wing.

Pull the snappi firmly across the diaper and hook those teeth into the other wing.

Hooking the other side
Then pull the center hook down and let it grab the fabric in the center of the diaper. Don't worry, it won't hurt the babe. Although, those teeth DO hurt if you snag it on your finger!

Pull down the center part and let it grab fabric.

This is what it looks like all done. Now just insert wiggly baby!

Ha, or not! I'm sure your sweet babe will be much more accommodating!


Boise Wiebers said...

The angel fold is great. If you do it right it forms little leg gussets. Here's a picture tutorial I found, only she used pins instead of a Snappi like I use. Here's the link:

Kristina said...

Oh thank you! That tutorial is really helpful. I'm glad that my made up way of folding wasn't far from an actual fold, but the real angel fold looks like it will work a lot better!